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We all have the power to make someone smile, feel beautiful & walk the streets feeling like the best version of themselves! I'm so honoured that I can do all these things with my amazing job! I take pride in your joy when you fall in love with your hair. Beauty is about enhancing what u have...& I help make it shine ❤️

Hi! I'm Nicole & I've been doing hair for 15 + years & yes I still love my job & the smiles it brings to people's faces.

My very supportive husband & his work life always keeps me up to date on marketing & investing and I like to keep him up to date on fashion ;)

We have 3 adorably cute children (me biased.. no way.. Hehe). Zoé, Isabelle & Frédérik and love them to pieces!

My love for hair came at a very young age without me even knowing it. My dolls, barbies...anything with hair...I had them in braids & fancy ponytails.

Why Lush Beauty Barr?

Lush Beauty Barr is a fun, friendly positive environment. It's a relaxing time for many when they sit in my chair, I have music playing & Alexa can be quite fun & accommodating in that domain...cuz I love to switch it up. I also love plants but I like low maintenance so most are fake haha. Great hair! that is the goal! I keep up with education & am always wanting to learn new techniques to keep my skills sharp & provide clients fresh, beautiful, current hair. Also.. conversation! I love to hear about my clients & their lives!

Being a stylist is such a great opportunity to be creative & customize each service for every person. I love the excitement of vibrant colors, the natural beauty of a blended Balayage, the detail of a million babylites, the soft twist of a curl, I love that smirk of a smile when I tell my clients they look fabulous.  It's so rewarding when a client leaves feeling their absolute best, thats why I love Wat I do!

Thank you @lushbeautybarr for the amazing job on my hair 😍

- @hockeymama84

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